Online writing

Feature Writing

I have written various features for Creative Bloq, as well as pieces for ImagineFX and 3D World. I interview various artists and designers and come up with interesting topics.




I commission content for net magazine, 3D World, ImagineFX and Creative Bloq. I research and find the best artists and touch base with them, setting out guidelines and deadlines, as well as chasing them up.


As part of my current role, I commission and sub content for ImagineFX magazine. I receive submissions from all around the world, and for many of our contributors, English is a second language, meaning a substantial amount of subbing can be needed.


Social Media

I am active on all forms of social media, and use these as an invaluable tool to connect with my audiences. I can promote using Twitter and Facebook effectively, and use these mediums to grab the latest stories and trends, as well as build features around followers opinions and discussions.

Creative Writing




Design – Graphic and illustration

I have illustration and 3D design skills. Am well rehearsed with Photoshop and InDesign and have designed blog headers, charity event posters and small business menus on various occassions. I have also designed and made jewellery, 3D make-up and dresses/fashion.


I have many years retail experience, including hard sell and hitting targets

Digital Journalism

I run various blogs and have studied what works online, as well as put this into practise for my personal projects and my day job.

Copyright Law/ Media Law

Time Management

Using my own initiative!

Merchandising and Window Displaying

I have worked as a window displayer throughout my retail career (and in voluntary work), whenever I’ve had the chance. Currently I excel at the merchandising in my part-time job at Crystals, Newport. I absolutely love building up a theme and using innovative ways to grab customers attention and inspire them to buy.

Communication/ Building contacts in the community

For our successful mini-mag as part of my Masters degree (Needles & Pins – an alternative women’s tattoo mag) I was responsible for setting up majority of the contacts my team to interviewed.

I have an extensive list of contacts from my work on ImagineFX and 3D World – from comic artists and illustrators and industry PR’s. I take pride in really getting to know my community and excel at creating lasting relationships with them, built upon trust and understanding