Interest & Expertise


My specialities, interests and expertise include:

Ancient History and Antiques

I have researched the occult, mysticism and witchcraft and love to explore its relationship to feminism. I am also passionate about ancient religion and myths – I studied A-Level Classics and during my first year of university I took Ancient History. I am very familiar with classical myth and religion as well as pagan traditions, Viking and Celtic history and Ancient Egypt.

Following my love of history and ancient cultures, I am also very knowledgeable about vintage and period fashion and jewellery and art history. I was brought up in a 1930’s house, and my mother instilled both an interest and a love of items that tell a story and have a rich past.

Art – Illustration, Sculpture and Photography

I studied A-level Art, I have also practised sculpture, jewellery making and life drawing. I have a passion for design and a knowledge of art history. I am passionately creative and this feeds into everything I do. I have an eye for colour, detail and style and a contact book of illustrators and artists that is bursting at the seams! I am fascinated by feminist art, comic books, literature and the occult, fashion, photography and more.

Following my degree I have also completed a course in Digital Photography and am comfortable shooting with a DSLR as well as working with models, creative ideas and composition.


I have studied film extensively as part of my degree and out of personal interest. I love everything from blockbusters to indie flicks and have an encyclopedic knowlege of film stars and movie trivia. I run a horror film blog ( and have a passion for horror and Film Noir.


I have studied feminisms, women’s studies and more at degree level. I have a passion for women’s rights and regularly research feminism, with a historical and contemporary knowledge of women’s movements.

I have made it my goal at Creative Bloq and ImagineFX to insert as many female artists as possible and tackle female orientated problems, as the art world is very male dominated. Through this I have made invaluable contacts and friends. I am always interested in inserting women’s issues into my work, and take it in my stride to promote female artists of all kinds.

Fashion and Beauty

I am a qualified make-up artist, a collector of vintage fashion and have an extensive knowledge of fashion history.

I worked in a small vintage store, and was responsible for the window displays, pricing and more. I have created all sorts of looks, working as MUA and stylist on fashion shoots when I worked as a freelance make-up artist after completing my degree.

I also worked in H&M while studying, and The Body Shop for 2 years after graduating, where I maintained the role of Colour Coach – organising various make-up events, performing make-overs and being responsible for keeping make-up sales targets.

I have organised photoshoots, with avant garde themes, creating the make-up looks and working with photographers and hairstylists.

I am very experimental with my own dress sense, make-up and hair – having changed my hair colour to every shade in the colour spectrum, and supporting every style. I love dramatic, unique fashion looks and my own wardrobe is inspired by witches, 60’s occult, the 1970’s, 80’s glam rock and turn of the century gothic! I am always encouraging others to express themselves through style.

Currently I am studying Fashion Illustration under the guidance of Bethan Morris.

Health and Fitness

I practise pole dancing, yoga, pilates, boxercise and more, I also regularly visit the gym, see a personal trainer and swim. I have a passion for diet and health, I love to cook from scratch and enjoy mixing up recipes to create healthy alternatives, baking and more. I am always up on new fitness and health trends and am constantly researching the best diets to keep me in top shape!

As part of my Masters course, we completed a full magazine entitled, Grill & Barrel, looking at craft beer culture and locally sourced meats and produce.


Music has been a passion since I was a child. I have a very ecclectic taste, but am particularly knowledgable of rock history, in particular classic rock (regularly dubbed “before my time”)

I have experience radio DJing at University and on Hospital Radio, where I made it my job to inform my listeners about the music they were enjoying.

I freelance for various magazines, including Metal Hammer, reviewing live concerts and albums.

Aside from this I am pro-active in my local music scene and have helped promote and run various gigs, including running small-scale festivals, providing riders and mingling/ interviewing bands!

Spirituality and Holistic Health

I am currently studying for a VCTC Level 3 in Complementary Therapies, making me a fully qualified massage therapist, aromatherapist and reflexologist. I work part-time in Crystals, a shop that specialises in jewellery and minerals and I have a passion for semi-precious gemstones and a vast knowledge of alternative therapies and beliefs