Hello! I’m Ally, I am a trained multimedia and magazine journalist with a passion for fashion, film, feminism and culture. I am a qualified make-up artist and am well rehearsed in popular culture history – from music, fashion and fine art to health, fitness and philosophy.

I am currently training in reflexology, massage and aromatherapy to extend my knowledge in complementary and holistic health and also studying fashion illustration in my spare time.

I work part-time for a Crystals shop, a job I love and am passionate about. I maintain their Facebook and am always coming up with new and innovative, creative ways to bring in more customers. I illustrate displays and use my artistic skills to create eye-catching window displays.

My journalistic skills include researching, writing, subbing, commissioning and more. I excel at creativity, feature writing and innovation, I am always coming up with new ideas for stories and features that engage readers. I believe that quality writing and a dedicated following is the key to a successful brand.

If it’s creative, I’m in love.

I have a range of specialities from gender politics, lifestyle, fitness, health and beauty to high arts, illustration, fashion, design, punk rock and more! I love history, myth, the occult, art, film, literature, vintage fashion, herbalism, health & healing, mental health  and much, much more! I am interested in the relationship between women and witchcraft and would love to explore this further in my writings.

I worked as a staff writer for ImagineFX magazine (the world’s leading digital art publication) and a few of its sister titles including graphic design magazine, Computer Arts. I currently still freelance for IFX and their sector site, Creative Bloq, a website dedicated to all forms of design.

My masters in Magazine Journalism from Cardiff, along with over eight years of writing and editing for publication has left me confident that I could take on any editorial media role, and I am eager for more challenges!





Metropol Movies

Twitter: @hecate_hellcat

Email: dontwarnthetadpoles@gmail.com


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